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What I wore in Taiwan






A few months ago, my boyfriend and I headed out to Taiwan to attend one of his friends wedding, and I knew from my experience in Asia before that I was bound to hit up some of the markets. Asian fashion as a whole is my favourite – they know how to do everything so well. We only had a few days here before we headed to Taiwan, so I made it my mission to pick up some bits from the market, and luckily the hotel we were staying at, The Amba Songshan Hotel Taiwan, was a stones throw away from one of the best market in Taipei, and we headed over to pick up some bits.

My favourite two buys have to be this tee and Dungarees. I think the top was around 5 and the dungarees were a little more expensive at 15, which I really didn’t mind paying just because I loved them so much. Such a different cut and gorgeous colour, a zip instead of buttons.. just everything about them.

I hauled some of my favourite Taiwan buys over on my youtube channel, do let me know which pieces I picked up were your favourites!

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