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Welcome to my city | ft Matalan

With this spring bringing plenty of sun, I decided to sport this stylish yet laid-back look, getting my legs out in a skirt and sandals due to the weather being so lovely. For this outfit I teamed up with Matalan to showcase a few of their pieces from their new arrivals…



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I absolutely love this versatile button up striped shirt, which can look good either tucked in or out of a mini skirt. Hooped earrings and corkscrew curls have been one of my go to looks recently, but I thought this outfit would suit loose waves a lot better. The black denim mini skirt I’m wearing is a key item for this season, as it is the perfect length and can just about go with anything (especially fishnets and a crop top). The Matalan sandals were sooo comfy, and I decided to wear my own brown fedora to match them.

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I decided to take these pictures in the Sheffield Winter gardens, which is basically a massive indoor garden with loads of tropical plants, as well as gift and food shops. Fun fact: I met the Queen with my school at the opening of the winter gardens back in 2003!

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smallmatalan7 smallmatalan2

Among the many things to do in Sheffield, a top tip for anyone visiting for the first time would be to go to the peak district, as it’s great for walks, hikes and has some awesome countryside views.

White and blue stripe shirt | Denim mini skirt | Sandals


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