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California Sunshine

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family pool day


pelican hill resort



Swan moves! Who else likes dancing in the pool 😉

pure growth organic

pure growth organic snacks

He is so sweet and (almost 😉 always offers me some of his snacks. This is the cutest phase, I can’t get over how sweet this chapter is!

child snacks

snacks for traveling

healthy kids snacks


He loves sunglasses!! well really any glasses, and gets the cutest smirk when he puts them on like he knows we think its so cute and funny 🙂

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Happy Monday guys! Hope you had a great weekend! We were supposed to go to Hawaii last week but a couple people got sick so we had to postpone the trip. We were still really craving some warm weather (and is there any worse feeling than being prepared for a vacation and then canceling last minute and waking up to a normal Monday morning? haha 🙂 Last minute we saw it was supposed to be 80° in California so we found a good deal on tickets and headed down to Newport Beach for a long weekend. We usually make it to California about once a month so it always feels like our second home and the amazing weather never gets old.

B’s been so funny lately! I signed him up for preschool for the fall and he thinks it’s starting like in a couple days so he always wants to wear his backpack now: to the pool, to bed, anywhere and everywhere! It seriously melts my heart how excited he is for school! He always asks me to “pack a lunch like Mara” so I put treats and snacks in his backpack wherever we go.  Some of his favorite cartoons are Paw Patrol and Mickey Mouse Club House so I found these healthy snacks at Walmart that have all the characters and cartoons on them and they are healthy organic snacks which is a double plus. It was the best while we were traveling because he could just pack up his backpack with snacks and take them wherever.

He is turning three this week and it’s almost bittersweet! It really is one of my favorite phases but at the same time it makes you realize they are growing up so quickly and that you’ll never get a repeat of those moments but also gets me so excited for what’s to come!

Xx, Christine

*In collaboration with Pure Growth Organic.

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