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My Secret to Looking Like I Got Ready Without Makeup

the no-makeup trick for looking like you got ready

the trick to looking like you got ready without makeup

heart sweatshirt ily couture

christine andrew winter

ily couture heart sweatshirt

cozy street style

heart sweatshirt

valentine's apparel


Happy weekend guys! The other day some sweet girl commented on one of my pics asking how I stay put together all the time. Can I tell you I 100% am not!! And honestly I don’t want it to come across that way. That’s not real life and I never want our lives to come across as super put together or perfect because NO ONE is. Probably about 50% of the time, especially in the winter I don’t get ready. I love sporty comfortable style. And want to know the biggest secret, a lot of times I wear sunglasses because I’m not wearing makeup 🙂 It’s my easy trick for not getting ready! I feel like the eyes are the big giveaway if you got ready for the day or not. So now you know my dirty little secret!

Valentine’s day is coming up! I’ve been living in this cozy heart sweatshirt (wearing size large for oversized fit) from my clothing line ILY. If you missed it, you can also see a few more of our Valentine’s collection here – including matching pieces for kiddos! We also just got these frayed jeans (under $100) in and they are so so cute!! I have been obsessed with this style and was so excited to find them in white – the fringe is the best detail to mix up textures with your winter whites this season.

Below are few more great cozy sweatshirts for the season!

XX, Christine

source: Hello Fashion http://ift.tt/2jg2NDS
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