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3 Gift Ideas for The Guy That’s Impossible to Shop For

3 gift ideas for guys that are hard to shop for

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3 gift ideas for guys who have everything

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I swear guys are always the hardest to shop for! When I’m shopping for guys on my list,  I always try to get them something practical that I know they will use everyday (is there any better feeling than knowing your gift is actually being put to good use? haha 😉 but still feels special. Below are three ideas that work for any guy on your list – from family members and friends to significant others – to make their daily routines more special:



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Travel Essentials: I always get attached to my favorite toiletries and grooming products, but travel sizes in those products are usually a little harder to get your hands on. For those jetsetters on your gift list, get them their favorite essentials in a travel size. This travel size kit has some great essentials that he’ll be glad to be able to take on the road. You can also add a personal touch by personalizing a travel bag with their initials and placing the travel items inside so you have the perfect mix of essentials and personal.

Luxury Shaving Kit: Most guys shave almost daily so a nice shaving set is a good investment and something that that will last forever and that they can use just as long. I got this Art of Shaving nickel plated shaving kit for Cody and I’m obsessed! It’s seriously so pretty!!! I want like a girl version for my tooth brush or something! It’s actually really heavy and great quality so it’s something that will last forever and it’s so pretty! Cody is obsessed with all things peppermint – I always get him some sort or something peppermint for Christmas because we love to give each other massages or facials and he loves the smell. So I got this peppermint soap bar, facial scrub, and shaving cream. The bar of soap has the cutest engraving on it too – the packaging is all so cute!

Cologne: Restocking his favorite fragrance or helping him find a new one is always a good gift and something he will get in the habit of using everyday. Cody always wants my opinion and wants something I will like, so pick a scent you’re drawn to and most likely he will trust your opinion. 🙂
What are some of your gift ideas for those hard-to-shop-for men on your gift lists?

XX, Christine

*In collaboration with The Art of Shaving.

source: Hello Fashion http://ift.tt/2hr8cqW
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