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Be a Vixen // My hair queens...

If you don't already know that my fabulous hair is all down to the amazing ladies at Vixen and Blush then where have you been?! I honestly don't know where I would be without them, I would definitely not look half as fab. I kind of owe my sassiness to them to be honest. Hair is such an important part of my style and look so when I was introduced to Vixen and Blush over 2 years ago now its safe to say it changed my life. I was a massive clip in extension user until the day I went along to them and had my first set of micro ring extensions. I haven't looked back since, however that was until the lovely owner of Vixen and Blush, Sarah, announced that they were going to launch their own range of clip in extensions. 

I know how many of you had said how you wanted to try Vixen and Blush but knew how expensive micro rings or bonded extensions can be. This was why I was so excited when I heard about the clip in range as I knew they would be the same amazing quality hair but accessible to everyone. Like most things I reserved my judgement until I got to try them myself and they did not disappoint!

If you guys follow me on snapchat you will have seen that a few weeks ago (before my hair colour change) I had my micro ring extensions removed so that I could have my very own set of clip ins to shoot, wear and try out. Watch the video below to find out more...


Now due to the insane quality, thickness and seamless design of the clip ins they are a little more expensive than others available on the market but with this comes the biggest benefit. Unlike most (if not all clips ins I've tried) that you need to replace after 4 or 6 months these ones will last you a lot longer. They also, unlike most clip ins, have the same thickness all the way down meaning you don't get ratty ends. You just get full, voluminous, gorgeous hair!

They also offer a free match, fit and style appointment with any purchase of the extensions.

You can use code: SARAH10 for 10% off any purchase of the clip in extensions.

This post was not sponsored, all opinions are my own.

source: That Pommie Girl http://ift.tt/2gmJl7w
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