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Hailey Baldwin X Public Desire // Interview...

As you guys will know today the killer collab between model babe of the moment Hailey Baldwin and my personal fave shoe brand Public Desire launched. I was lucky enough to interview the bombshell herself a few weeks ago at a top secret London location to get the lowdown on the collaboration. 

You can shop the collection here: http://ift.tt/2erBcjw (15% off Public Desire with code SARAH15)

1. How did the collaboration with Public Desire come about?

It happened quite naturally actually, they just went through my agency and started having a discussion about everything. It took us a bit to actually decide on the collaboration as I will never put my name to anything I don't actually love or wouldn't actually wear as I am always true to myself. It just made a lot of sense as I love their stuff in general and I wear their shoes and its been a really really fun process to be able to create and design with them. Public Desire were really open to my editing of the collection and always took onboard my notes which was amazing and made it super easy.

2. What was your main inspiration behind the collection?

I wanted to make it really true to my own style and it's things that you would find in my own closet.

3. What kind of girl did you have in mind when creating the collection?

I think it goes well for a lot of different age groups. It's got something for everyone because you have the strappy sandals that are perhaps a little more elegant and then there are the high knee boots that are a little more edgy. I just hope people really like it.

4.What are your favourite shoes in the collection and why?

I think my favourites are the velvet pointed toe booties.

5. Who would you love to see wearing the shoes in your collection?

If Rihanna ever wore a pair of anything of mine I would die, I mean if Rihanna wore my hair tie I would feel accomplished!

6. How would you describe your own style?

I don't know if there is just one word for it as I change how I dress all the time. I can be a little more tomboy one day, and then a little more edgy another day or a little bit more classic. I think that being classy at the end of the day is the most attractive. 

7. Who is your main style inspiration?

Couple different people that I look to for inspiration. I really like Rosie HW's style, Margot Robbie but I will never try and replicate someones entire style just take certain pieces from it. Of course I love Kim K, Rihanna and I'm inspired by certain things my friends wear.

8. Biggest Girl Crush?

Margot Robbie! I actually told her to her face at the Met Ball. I made Jaden Smith introduce me to her just so I could tell her.

9. What 5 things can't you live without?

Lip balm
Staple leather jacket
Good pair of sneakers

source: That Pommie Girl http://ift.tt/2erBPcD
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