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Graduate Fashion Week: Nottingham Trent University

Olivia Barclay

Latasha Hammond

Beth Needham

Chloe Jackson

Laura Tollervey

Charlotte Rollings & Morta Rapalyte

Kendall Baker 

Beth Needham & Josephine Bulmer

Charlotte Yates & Lianyi Chen

This week, after a few amazing Finnish fashion filled days, I flew back to London, just in time to see some of UK’s freshest talent present their collection on Graduate Fashion week. I got to be a guest of Nottingham Trent University again and was blown away to say it lightly. What an amazing amount of talent this University breeds, that was also proven by three students that headed into the finals, of which Chloe Jackson and knitwear designer Kendall Baker was awarded for their refined hard work and imagination.

I was personally mesmerised by Olivia Barclay and her innovative use of layers and exploration of silhouettes, where the balance of masculine and feminine came together in a harmony that I could easily see on myself. Laura Tollervey was another favorite that played with volume and layering in a very ready-to-wear manner. I was especially smitten by her material combinations. Yet another designer worth mentioning was Morta Rapalyte and her bold take on pale hues: a perfect presentation of how to balance hard and soft when it comes to materials. I could go on and on about these young talents, but I am sure we will hear more from these graduates very soon.
In collaboration with Nottingham Trent University

source: 5 inch and up http://ift.tt/1UsLi1J
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