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The Floral Statement Top Under $100

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Floral button up top

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That smile!!

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Obsessed with the back on this top! (Under $100)

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ily couture embroidered cut out top


Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great Easter weekend! My parents were in town and then we did a big Easter egg hunt with Cody’s family so we loved getting to hang out with so much family. With all the festivities we had lots of family lunch/dinners which we always look forward to cause Cody and I are rarely cook lol. The best part of any meal is the BREAD! Am I right? My step mom and sister in law both made the best homemade rolls. I was loading up!!

We added this top (under $100) to ILY and I’ve been wanting to share all the details! I love the subtle floral detail and I’m obsessed with the peek-a-boo back cut-out! It’s such a pretty accent without being too overwhelming. The unexpected back detail is a great way to make a button up feel a little more flirty and fun for spring. Just as every wardrobe should have plenty of staples, it should have it’s fair share of statements!  đź™‚

XX, Christine

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