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Bicester Village | Discount Designer Shopping


About a month ago, I was kindly invited down to Bicester village to have a browse and shop and holy moly.. there are so many stores at Bicester Village, it’s definitely somewhere that requires a ‘whole-day-out’ kinda plan. If you don’t know what Bicester Village is, it’s an outlet mall which has more than 130 boutiques of huuuuge brands, with some places offering 60% off the RRP. There are lots of designers including Gucci, Prada and Versace,but also smaller designers such as Kate Spade, LuLu Lemon and Calvin Klein.

Myself and my sister hotfooted it down to Oxford for the day to have a look at what there was to offer and oh my goddd. I had no idea just how wonderful the actual village itself was. With the most beautiful village set up, dainty wooden signs and cute little cafes, you really do feel like you’re in a quiant little oxford village and that is definitely one of the appeals of this lovely place.

I was lucky enough to have lunch with some of the Bicester girls and they explained to me that 50% of their shoppers are tourists, with 50% of that 50% (confusing I know haha) are chinese tourists who come along just to go shopping and grab themslves some ridiculous bargains. After shopping for an hour I realised why it’s such a popular place with tourists! Even arriving, the train from Oxford to Bicester (they have incredibly easy and freuqent trains from oxford train station) there was an announcement in mandarin to let people know we were arriving, and when we got off there is a concierge style service for tourists where you can (for free!!!) leave any bags there so throughout your shopping experience you don’t feel bogged down. I was massively impressed and felt so looked after, and as this is a service for everybody it really feels like they put in an insane amount of effort for every single one of their visitors, and not just for the ‘VIP’

Speaking of VIP however, there are options if you are wanting to get a little bit more out of your trip, and for £15 they offer a service where someone will carry your bags to the visitor centre for you, so you can shop all day without worrying about the large amount of bags, and then when you’re ready to get the train home everything is waiting for you. I was lucky enough to be given a voucher, and also an extra VIP voucher which meant in a lot of places I got an extra 10% off which was insane!

bicester3 bicester1 bicester2

Calvin Klein Set   / Diesel Bomber  (sold out) / Kenzo Sweater / Levi Jumper  / Bee Earrings  / New Balance Trainers 

Bicester had recently brought in some fab activewear pop up shops (such as superdry) and also a huge New Balance shop, so I was excited to finally grab myself a much needed new pair of trainers, as well as peruse some of the incredible stores that were there.

I bought items from Kate Spade, Calvin Klein, Levis, New Balance and Kenzo, as well as some beauty bits from the Estee Lauder Cosmetics Company shop, which has SO MANY different beauty brands and products! I filmed a youtube haul of all the fashion bits, and a beauty video with the beauty bits I grabbed will be going up in a couple of weeks 🙂

A big shout out to Bicester village for such a wonderful day, and please do check out my video abovefor a more in depth look at what I purchased

Bicester village gave me a voucher toward some of the clothes, however I spent my own money on some items. I was not paid for this blog post, however some other parts of the collaboration were compensated. 

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