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3 Things I Didn’t Expect Becoming A Mom

Mom life is the best life!


Happy Monday guys!! We are in the Bahamas with the ILY team right now having a fun work getaway with the crew. So fun having time with everyone outside of work! Mother’s Day is coming up quick!! I’ll be sharing different Mother’s Day posts through out the next couple weeks. Today’s is the three things I didn’t expect becoming a mom!

  1. I never thought that the cliche spiderman pajamas and paw patrol underwear would become my kids favorite clothes. lol.  I always thought they were the cheesiest thing in the world and now it’s over half of B’s pj and underwear collection. He loves to roam our house in just his hulk undies and show his “muscles” like dad.
  2. “That will never be me” Before I had kids I remember seeing kids melt down in stores all the time. Not in a rude way judging but I would think, when I’m a mom my kids will never melt down like that. Fast forward 10 years and I don’t think I can count the number of times they’ve melted down at a restaurant or store, because they’re tired, didn’t get the treat the wanted, or for no reason decide to just act crazy!!! When I see mom’s in the store going through the same thing, now it’s the head nod, and tap on the back, “one of those days huh? We’ve all been there!” to remind her she’s not alone and kids will be kids!
  3. More emotional! I’m not sure if that’s possible because full honesty, I’m a cryer! haha. I love sappy movies, cute elderly couples holding hands make me tear up. I’m a such a sap! But having kids has made me ten times more emotional! Looking back through old pics always makes me tear up, finding clothes that are too small in shock he’s ten times bigger than when he was a baby, videos from only a couple months earlier realizing how fast they change before your eyes! It’s turned me in to a hot mess sometimes. But I love this feeling of love and emotion it brings!! Truly nothing better: Mom life is the best life!!

What about you guys?? What funny things surprised you about Mom life?

XX, Christine

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