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Giving up sugar for lent | with Christian Aid


Every year, without fail, I decide to give something up for lent when it rolls around. Last year it was cheese, and the year before that it was alcohol, and every single time I fail (boo!)
This year, I’ve teamed up with Christian Aid to not only take part in lent, but hopefully succeed in giving something up all in the name of charity!

I’ve decided this year to try my hardest to give up all refined sugar. I was uhhming and ahhing for a while about what would genuinely be one of the more *difficult* things to give up and I have started reading more and more into refined sugar, as it’s probably one of the worst things I do in terms of my diet.

Here are 5 ways I am going to try and stick to my goal this year :

1. Remember that the first 2 weeks are the hardest

Last year I finally went dairy free, and I remember the first 2 weeks of no longer being able to have cheese were so much harder than I had actually anticipated. When giving anything up, he first two weeks are brutal, but then its always a good thing to note that most people say that if you can cut something out of your life for 3 weeks, it turns into an actual habit, and rather than it being difficult to abstain, it actually becomes part of a routine. 6 months later and I am still dairy free .. although I do miss cheese occasionally (but very rarely!)

2. Sugar is everywhere..

Giving up biscuts? Sure! No ordering a dessert at the restaurant?No biggie! But it’s easy to forget that sugar doesn’t lie in sweet treats.. it’s literally everywhere. Ketchup, baked beans, most condiments it really is just.. everywhere.

3. ..And everyone around you eats it!

Just because YOU are giving something up doesn’t mean everyone else is! If it helps, try and have a buddy that is also giving something up with you, as you can lean on them when you are in crave central.

4. Sugar IS addictive

So it is going to be hard. And it’s going to make you have all kinds of side effects and make you realise you consume a lot more of it than you think, so it’s okay that it’s going to be a tough one!

5. It’s for a good cause

Now that I am giving something up with the hopes of raising money, I feel that I will be a lot stricter when it comes to not touching the sweet stuff, and if you would like to help me by donating, it would mean so so much!

You can click here to donate to my just giving page.
This post is in collaboration with Christian Aid.


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