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Beckam Turns 3! Happy Birthday Baby Boy!


Yesterday Beckam turned 3!! Feels like only a second ago it was his second birthday. Here I go with all the cliche sayings and sappy mom stuff, but everything people say is true. It goes too fast and you always want it to slow down! Every year I like to put together a picture diary and some of my favorite little memories. Apologies in advance for the novel 😉


Last year you were so sick on your birthday. We got an ice cream cake and opened presents but you were so tired with the worst fever and ear infection it wasn’t much of a party. This year you got sick a week before your birthday and I was worried it was going to be same thing as last year but so happy you are better this time!

toddler street style

mom and son style

You love balls! Especially soccer and basketball. I signed you up for soccer a couple weeks ago and you thought it started that day. Everyday for a week you would wake up and say “Mom wanna come to my soccer game today. I’m gonna be so fast!”

beckam andrew
mom style

toddler style

Your laugh is my FAVORITE THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Wait take that back, maybe your hugs. Shoot close tie I can’t decide.

greek sunset tour

You were so excited to jump in the sea in Greece! Kept saying “Daddy let’s go!” Blew your whistle on your life vest all the way down until the second you hit the water and hated it! Lol

toddler life jacket

hello fashion bedroom

You are a mama’s boy. You always want to sleep by mom, be cuddled and loved. I love how affecitionate you are. And that words are your love language. I love how many times a day you tell your dad and I you love us. Randomly all the time you will say “Mom you are the best in the whole world. You know that mom?” You have me wrapped around your finger!!

kids and snowcones

You LLLLLOOOOVE treats! Treats over toys any day! If you’ve had too much sugar and I say no more you rebuttal with “But mom don’t YOU want some” you try to convince me I need so you can have some 🙂

Beckam Andrew

I love that you always want kisses!! A couple months ago I was wrestling with you and giving you millions of kisses and you said “Mom I love when you kiss me so much, cause I love you so much” I literally wanted to cry!

santorini greece for kids

brotherly love

You look up to your brother so much! You love to bug him, but just because you want his attention all the time!

toddler in glasses

kids street style

You can find a puddle anywhere we go! We’ve ruined a good amount of shoes to muddy puddles!

school style

Mara is your best friend! She loves to take care of you and tuck you in at night, get you a sippy cups and pretend your her baby. Sometimes she even tries to put you in timeout lol. You have the best sister ever!

fall layers

stylish kids

How did you get so handsome! You are going to be a little heart breaker!

christine and cody andrew

paris selfie

family style at disney world

kids toddler costume

You love sharks but I had to bribe you a lot to get your shark costume on! You wore your costume for about all of 15 minutes for Halloween!

family beach pictures

kids blowing kisses

You love wearing glasses! You always take my glasses or grandpas and try them on and make funny faces.

stylish toddlers

You look up to your daddy so much! You try to copy everything he does and always want to know what he’s doing! You like to stick your hands in your pockets like Dad and say Dad look I look like you. You like to sit on the bathroom counter by him while he gets ready and have him do your hair and spray cologne on you to be just like him.

man's best friend

sibling love

toddler kisses

beckam andrew


You’ve started doing head tickles and foot rubs which is probably the best thing ever. They only last about 2 minutes but you always ask “Mom you want a foot rub? Let me get the lotion” Haha it’s the best!


You love going on airplanes! Always ask when we are going on a plane so you can go to the pool.



Your facial expressions are my favorite. Cue in “the grumpy face” when you don’t get your way. Your Dad and I seriously laugh so hard sometimes because it’s the cutest funniest thing!

Crib forts

You love building forts and playing hide and seek. You always hide in the same spot (the towel closet) when I try to get you to hide in new spots you run last minute back to your go to spot!



You love to tease Mio and eat your snacks right by him until he drools so much you “accidnetly” drop him all your food. He knows to sit and wait by you! He’s started biting the corner of your blanket and pulling you around on the kitchen floor and it’s the cutest thing in the world! You laugh so loud!



Dad and I jokingly argue over who gets to hold you when you fall asleep in our arms. We both love those moments so much and know they are numbered. Your getting so big!!




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I love how you always wrap your arms around my neck to sneak up and give hugs.

beckam andrew laundry

My baby boy! Not so much a baby anymore, you like to let me know! “Mom I’m not a baby anymore I’m a kid” a cute friendly reminder when I try to call you my baby.

  1. I love that you pat your belly when you’ve had a good meal and say “mmmm, so Ddddddd-elicious”
  2. I love how you call your sister “Marla” cause you can’t say Mara, or say “Hi Princess” when she comes home from school.
  3. I love that every night before bed you ask for a hug and kiss and want me to sniff your neck like a puppy. You think it’s the funniest thing in the world when I sniff you like Mio.
  4. I love that you want to say prayers even before you take a nap. I love listening to your prayers even though you sneak your eyes open half the time ( I guess I am too since I see you 😉
  5. You are still obsessed with your blanket and for some reason love to chew the corners!
  6. You lost all your baby rolls this year 🙁 You had one cute little roll left on your thigh and it was my favorite but it went away a couple months ago and I feel like you are officially no longer a baby. You still have your cute pudgy little tummy and I hope it stays for a long time.
  7. You learned my name and love to call me Christine when you want something. We kept laughing when you did it so now you know we think it’s funny and do it more so I have to keep correcting you “silly goose I’m your mom!”
  8. You can talk out the roof! Everyone thinks your older than you are because you talk so much and your so tall!
  9. You remember everyones names, and like your older boy cousins the most. Really any older guys you like. You think all Dad’s friends are the coolest and ask what they are doing all the time. You like to let complete strangers know who Dad’s best friends are and all their names.
  10. You love fruit! Strawberries, apples, blueberries, oranges, you are so good at eating fruits! You love green smoothies its the only way I can get you to eat veggies!
  11. You don’t like sleeping in your bed. You always want to be next to mom and sleep on the side next to our bed, unless Mara and Wes are over then you love cuddling with Mara in her bed.
  12. You are SO STUBBOURN and tempered. Sadly I think you get that from me. You always sit in time out longer than you have to because you want to come out on your own free-will. You are sassy and love to push the limit!
  13. You are competitive and hate losing to your brother and sister in races or making it up the stairs lol. You think you are as big as them and hate when you can’t catch up!
  14. Being a mom is the most rewarding thing in the world and also the most challenging. Sometimes I get caught up in work and the day flies by and I come home and you give me the biggest hug and I feel like I let you down not playing with you more. Thank you for your never ending love!!
  15. You are the craziest, jumpiest, snuggliest little boy I know! Thank you for making us all continually laugh and bringing us so much joy!!

On your third birthday I hope more than anything you know how much you are loved!!! You mean the world to us!!

XX, Mom and Dad


source: Hello Fashion http://ift.tt/2nzEDGS
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