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Valentines Nails | With Sally Hansen #ad

So recently I’ve been into painting my nails more because I’ve been growing them out, (which after moving to a plant based diet is surprisingly difficult because I haven’t been consuming near as much calcium as I should be) and testing out a variety of polishes I’ve received from Sally Hansen, who I really enjoyed working with for my collaboration in autumn. Since then I have been obsessed with wearing gel nail polish, as I can easily get the gel nail look without having to leave my house and pay for them at a salon. Plus with only a few steps I have been able to achieve this look in no time, meaning I have the freedom to do my nails flawlessly before a special occasion without having to squeeze in an appointment somewhere!


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  1. First of all I applied Sally Hansen’s ‘Moisture Rehab’ which I always use before I do my nails as it restores the natural oils in them. I love to leave it on overnight, as when you wake up you get extremely soft nails after leaving the treatment on for so long. Most people would apply a clear base coat before using a colour, but I personally prefer to use this as it is more of a moisturiser than a base coat/layer, and it gets rid of the brittle dry feeling you get when you take off your nail polish. It’s important to take the time out to care for your nails beforehand as it is an integral part of your nail routine, and is bound to make your manicure last longer.

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2. Once my nails were thoroughly moisturised I applied the colour ‘birthday suit,’ a lovely cream/nude that I thought would look great as a base for the red heart I would paint on next. The polish is quite sheer so I made sure to apply a second coating as I wanted to have a less translucent style, although the colour would make a great manicure base with one layer.

sallyhansen7 sallyhansen8

3. After, I applied ‘red rhapsody’ to the tips of my nails in order to create a heart design, which was a lot harder than it looks but I’ve got to say I’m quite proud of the outcome!

sallyhansen11 sllyhansen10 sallyhansen9

4. Finally I coated my nails with Sally Hansen’s miracle gel top coat, a must have to ensure that I got the proper gel look. I then apply a coat to give my nails a really shiny and thick gel style.

I think this particular style is super cute for valentines day, and I think teaming with a red lip would be perfect! Don’t worry if you mess up a little with the red heart tips, just wait for them to dry, grab your nail polish remover and tidy up! If you don’t have a steady hand, why not ask a friend to help out?

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Now moving onto the next look, which was quite daring for me as I’d seen many tutorials on how to pull it off but never tried it before. I wanted to try a marbled effect with two different colours, and seeing as its Valentines soon, pink and purple are ideal for the season of love.

sallyhansen13 sallyhansen14 sallyhansen16 sallyhansen15 sallyhansen17

Things you will need: cocktail sticks, a small bucket of water, Vaseline (I used Carmex as it works the same) the two nail polishes and cotton buds.

  1. Repeat the same step as mentioned earlier, use the moisture rehab then leave to dry. Then apply a coating of ‘all chalked up’ onto your nails.
  2. Use the cotton buds to apply a thick layer of Vaseline around your nails, so that you’ll be able to peel off the excess polish afterwards.

sallyhansen18 sallyhansen19] sallyhansen20

3. Fill the bucket approximately half way with warm water, then add a few drops of ‘shockwave’ pink to it. The nail polish should stay on the surface, so you can do the next step with ease.

4. Use a cocktail stick to swirl around the colour in the bucket, ensuring you create small separate pools of polish.


5.  Then dip each nail individually into the water, ensuring you gather quite a bit of colour on them.

6. Apply the top coat to your nails and scrape off the polish remaining on your fingers, then hey presto, you have marble effect gel nails!





This post is sponsored by Sally Hansen, as always, all opinions are my own

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