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Love Relentlessly: 5 Habits That Drive Cody Crazy

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There was a crazy fog in Santa Monica two of the days we were there, it was so pretty mixed with the palm trees! It was a whole new feel for California.

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Love this scent! It’s a romantic, feminine fragrance with a mix of a clean and fresh notes.

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B’s favorite game right now is tag and hide and seek.  Cody kept chasing us in the sand and B thought it was the best thing in the world!

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Love, love, love. The older I get the more I realize there are so many beautiful stages of love. I look back at when Cody and I first met and we were UNCONDITIONALLY, HEAD OVER HEELS, INFATUATED with each other. It was a high like no other. I still remember the first time he went to hold my hand and it sent chills over my whole body. I knew instantly at that moment he was the one! We have gone through many highs and lows over the years. We are not perfect! Some of the lows were really hard times, but through those hard times they always brought us closer together in the end. Other times are comical to look back at and think was that even a big deal!! If there’s one thing you learn about love after 5 years of marriage, kids, working together, etc it’s that love is relentless and unconditional. No matter how in love or perfect for each other you are, there will always be hard times, and it’s how you choose to love and forgive each other through those hard times that really define your relationship. Love is beautiful!


Cody and I were on the plane the other day reading this article about funny things spouses do. So, inspired by the new Love Relentlessly fragrance by Tory Burch, I thought it would be fun to share 5 things I do that drive Cody crazy but that he learns to love (or at least laugh at ;).

  1.  Eating my cereal in bed.  I LOVE CEREAL! It’s a tie between that and french fries as my favorite food! Every night before I go to bed I eat a bowl of cereal. I’m usually the last one to bed a lot of times, so I bring my bowl of cereal into bed while Cody is trying to sleep and all you hear is the crunch crunch crunch. Hahah it drives him crazy he will always be like “Soooo how’s that cereal babe? Sounds pretty tasty” lol.
  2.  Leaving candles burning when I leave. Thankfully I haven’t burnt the house down yet!
  3.  Take 5 hours to pack. I’ve openly admitted what a bad packer I am! Cody always teases me because the night before a trip I wander in circles around the house because I can’t think straight about what I’m going to bring. He’s gotten to the point he always plans to go see a movie the night before we leave somewhere because I can’t make any decisions about what to bring.
  4.  Ask him a million questions in the middle of a show. Oops!
  5. Eating when I’m trying to talk to him on the phone.  Hahaha apparently I have some issues I need to resolve with my food manners lol.

What are some of the things your husband always teases you about?

XX, Christine

*In collaboration with Tory Burch.

source: Hello Fashion http://ift.tt/2kJzfz0
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