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Always Black. Occasionally Burgundy.


Do you ever have a moment where you realise that you have two different things happening in one day and choosing an outfit to fully represent both situations is nearly impossible?

Not just day to night, but two events or meetings in which you know you have to be stylish for both, but also a little bit workwear because theres a meeting.. but also ‘trendy’ because the event before the meeting is a little bit fashiony. It may not be a regular occurrence for everyone, but for me, being able to dress for everything happening to me in one day can be quite a challenge, but I feel like I nailed it a little with this ensemble.

I found these faux leather culottes when I was in shanghai last year. They are unreal. They are all the trends I want rolled into one. Black? Yep. Leathery? Yep. CULOTTES?! YESSSS!

smallceline6  smallceline3 celine1smallceline5 smallceline4

I’m such a sucker for culottes and have an evergrowing collection (6 pairs and counting!) but these ones are the favourite. They just look cool. You know what I mean? Like, I’ll walk down the street in them and no matter what I’ve paired them with, I’m always going to look like I’ve made an effort. Teaming this with an almost all black ensemble was quite key in me nailing this ‘workwear-but-also-trendy’ vibe I was going for. The leather breaks up all the black, even though they are black. Insead of just black black errythang (which I am totally for, which you already know) the leather effect doesn’t drown me out as much.

The key favourites of this outfit for me really are the boots and fedora combo. You saw already that my love for this hat was reignited, and pairing it with floral boots adds not just an edge, but a break in textures and colours. Boots with this much detailing can be too much for an outfit, so dialing everything else down and tieing them together with the hat gave me relief. I look professional.. but not too professonal. And I look fashionable.. but not too fashionable.

Do you know what I mean?

What are your favourite pieces for killing it in the ‘two different scenarios’ dilemma?

Celine sunglasses*, Smart Buy Glasses  | Turtle kneck jumper, thrifted (similar here) | Faux leather culottes, market in china – £8 (similar here)Long black duster coat, asos – £50 | Embroidered floral boots, ego footwear* – £34.99 | Burgundy fedora, daisystreet* | Brown watch, Timex* – £59.99 | Turquoise monogrammed bracelet, Monica Vinader*

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