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To the beach..

A few months ago I decided to spend the weekend away with a friend for a short break from city life. We visited Bridlington, somewhere which I spent almost every summer with my family when I was younger. Going back to a to a place like this as an adult is always very nostalgic, and we made sure to make the most of the last bit of warmth before the winter chill hit.

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I wanted to go for an outfit that would be comfortable for walking around and exploring but still look nice. The floral kimono was a no brainer for me as the light fabric is a perfect cover up from the sea breeze. The bright colours in the print offset the dark base pieces and brighten up the look. To accessorize I chose this pink backpack which matched the pink in the print perfectly. To top it off my converse look like they were made as an exact match for my bag so decided to throw them on to tie the look together…

…And of course no she wears fashion outfit is complete without a fedora!

finalbeach10 finalbeach8 finalbeach5 finalbeach4 finalbeach2 finalbeach1 finalbeach19

After visiting the beach, we had a little explore around the town and found some woods which turned out to be a great shoot location.

Weekend breaks to the seaside are one of my favourite ways to get away from hectic city life. The beach is a really calming place to be when you just need to take a break from work and the normal everyday so a weekend away can work wonders.

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