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That yellow coat.

A few weeks ago, you will have seen that I worked on a special collaboration with a brand called Closet London on some of their new partywear range. Not only was I a massive fan of their party pieces, but the regular everyday pieces which Closet London Produce are some of the coolest pieces I’ve seen for a while, and I’m sure I won’t even need to point out which item I am talking about because I mean.. look.

yellowcoat1 yellowcoat5 yellowcoat4

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I was a little unsure whether to go for this coat in all honest. I’m like most other british gals, I own a million and one coats and there is one reason I  can pinpoint as to why. It’s always cold. Always. I think the UK gets maybe 15 really nice hot days in the year, so you can imagine coats are pretty much a neccessity. Not only that, but my god, when you’re trying to wear fashionable clothing in the UK, sometimes, no matter how much you layer (all about chunky knit scarves and pom pom hats right now!) standing out is only really possible with a bomb ass coat. Thats kind of what I was thinking when I got this. And then when it arrived.. it was like all my coat dreams meshed into one and I put together an outfit in all of two seconds. The burgundy from the hat and the yellow from the coat.. along with my absolute favourite chunky boots.. it was a match made in heaven.

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yellowcoat3-copy yellowcoat6yellowcoat2

It feels like I don’t really reach for my fedora hats as much as I used to, and I will tell you now, I have owned this particular one for what feels like forever. It miraculously still keeps its shape, and when I popped it on my head I remember just how much I really do love a good ole’ fedora. It makes me incredibly small head look far more interesting, especially when I wear my hair straight.

The boots are again an oldie but a goodie. Shellys london are a real winner when it comes to shoes, I don’t think i need to go into too much detail because I feel as if most of you have seen their stuff but the shoes are killer, and these boots are incredible. Mix of suede and leather materials, a really decent amount of chunkiness to add height but not too much so they are super wearable and comfy.. they are everything I ever wanted in a shoe. They really are boots that can be worn from day to night seamlessly.

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