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Pass My Parcel | My Party Season Picks

With Christmas coming up, there is one thing I have realised that has changed dramatically over the years. Online shopping has become the biggest norm and I can’t remember the last time I honestly went out ‘shopping’. Being able to shop from the comfort of my own home (especially during the colder months!) with a cup of tea with all of the shops I could possibly imagine at my fingertips.. call me the epitome of laziness if you like but it’s just my personal preference!

With that being said, I have always been an avid online shopper, but what I have noticed is that a couple of years ago compared to now, the influx of others buying things online has skyrocketed. With it being easier than ever thanks to things like same day delivery, and label free returns, I’ve teamed up with Pass My Parcel to talk about some of my favourite Party Season Picks, as well as chat about their service and what they offer!

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A couple of weeks ago, Pass my parcel asked me to come into a busy office in London to give some style advice and tips to the office workers. What started as a day thinking I was just going to talk through some party pieces, turned into giving advice on everything. From whether short girls can really pull of flares, to outfits that are sexy but not bodycon. The event was a hit and we chatted to everyone in the office about what pass my parcel offers, and of course I thought it would be great for me to include some info on the blog!

Pass My Parcel  partners with ASOS and Amazon to offer same day delivery and label-free returns. It is also convenient for returning parcels with thousands of local parcel shops across the country, and with this office being literally a 10 minute walk away from their own PMP drop off and pick up point, it was nice for some of the people in the office to note down some of the pieces they really fell in love with (including this beautiful river island piece above!)

smallparcel5 smallparcel7 smallparcel1

party1 party2

Star Sequin Co-ord  /  Burgundy Jumpsuit  /  Plisse Culottes  /  Cowl Sequin Crop  /  Choker Playsuit  /  Embroidered Playsuit

All of the items I have picked are off asos, and because pass my parcel are the official delivery service for them you can grab all of these for next day delivery or if you are lucky enough to be based in London, they so SAME DAY DELIVERY AND RETURNS! Absolutely amazing and super quick and easy, Not just for the christmas parties coming up, but new years is just around the corner.. and then my birthday.. then my friends birthday.. then a wedding.. phew! So many events and such little time!

This post is in collaboration with Pass my parcel.

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