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Holiday Dressing

hello fashion winter stye

fur coat trunk club hello fashion

hello fashion fur coat

red strappy dress

bright red dress

red dress hello fashion


Holy cow, am I the only one who feels like the holidays get so crazy! With the hustle and bustle of the holidays a lot of times you forget to shop for yourself. It’s usually the worst time for it too because you’re rushing around planning for everyone else and there are so many parties and occasions to dress for. Cody has a huge family (I’m talking like 8 brothers and sisters! I love it!) so we usually have like 3-4 events during the season just with his family, from gift exchanges to Christmas traditions and adults-only family parties.  I’ve been using Trunk Club for almost a year and it saves me in those hectic last minute situations – especially during the holidays – when you’ve been doing so much shopping for everyone else that you feel like you have nothing to wear. (Cody always teases me when I say that, but we all have that feeling when no matter what’s in our closet nothing feels right!)

Basically you set up a call with your stylist and tell them what the event is and your favorite brands or pieces you love and they do all the hard work for you. I love having it all sent to me to try on in the comfort of my home. I ended up picking this gorgeous brght red dress and the strap detail is so unique. They also sent some great pieces that can work for the more casual holiday gatherings this season – so you will probably end up like me with a few extra things you love and decide you need to keep. 😉

Using Trunk Club also really helps simplify my life so if some of the pieces don’t work out, I can just send everything back in one place instead of having to return stuff to 50 different stores. I like to have options so I swear sometimes I spend more time dealing with returns than the actual shopping so I love being able to return it all to one spot. You also just pay for the pieces you keep and shipping is free both ways. 🙂

I made a little video with the goodies from my trunk and more about the process. Watch it here and let me know what you think. 🙂

XX, Christine

*In collaboration with Trunk Club.

source: Hello Fashion http://ift.tt/2hRSCF0
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