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Christmas Gift Guide: For her

With Christmas literally around the corner, like with my stocking fillers post, I’ve curated together some of my favourite pieces that I think would make perfect gifts for ‘her’ (When I say for her, obviously I don’t mean that some men may find some of these bits equally as lovely – particular the bon voyage bag!)

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Clubmaster Ray Bans from Pret A Voir: I think everyone needs at least one pair of sunglasses that can transition from summer to winter, and also, will stay on trend from year to year.

Gold & white headphones by Frends: Ughhh absolutely obsessed with these headphones. They are the most instagrammable pair of headphones I have ever seen, the sound quality is amazing and I just really can’t get over how beautiful they are. If you don’t want to fork out the £150 for them, these cat ear ones from skinnydip are just as stunning!

‘Bon Voyage’ Makeup bag by Alphabet Bags*: Makeup bags with pretty typography = the perfect present. They have all sorts of different sizes, different fonts, more male orientated wash bags, coin purses.. if you can go on their site and not spend at least 20 minutes perusing and adding to your basket then you are much stronger than me! Perfect gift for any friends or family that are travel junkies! They also have some pretty nifty tees and canvas bags as well!


Chatelle Slipper Shoes*: When I got an email from these guys asking if I would like a pair of these badboys I couldn;t believe my luck! The shoes are the comfiest things I have ever slipped my feet into! Although I do feel like I may look as if I’m just wearing slippers out and about, these shoes really are worth the price tag and they have an incredible range of slipper shoes on their website!

My BucketList and Wanderlust travel diaries by Axel and Ash*: I was asked quite  while ago if I would be happy in receiving these two travel journals to document my travels in and they are the best quality travel books I have ever owned! Not only do they look stunning sat on the coffee table, everything from the photography on the inside, to the text and quality, they are two beautiful books.


Cambridge Satchel Company bag in iridescent*: I have already featured this beauty in an outfit picture but when curating together this post I knew this would make a lovely gift for somebody, specifically the new collaboration with melissa.

Vera Wang Princess, Vera Wang Lovestruck & Thierry Mugler Alien*: Perfumes are a a gift I always get at christmas, and I was excited to try out some perfumes from fragrance direct to talk about and I decided to go for princess as it used to be my favourite back in the day.. and then Alien by Thierry Mugler was just one of those scents that everyone and their mum raves about – and I wasn’t dissapointed!

Which bits are your favourite from the list?

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