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Anita & Green.

As a blogger, I am incredibly lucky to get to work with some incredible brands and receive some of the most beautiful pieces from amazing brands. As a fashion lover.. it’s even better. Working around clothes all day makes this my dream job, but even more so, being exposed to brands which I had never heard of before and falling in love with them makes it even more exciting.

I remember when the embroidered trend first came through and everyone was wearing the boyfriend style jeans with floral details everywhere. EVERYWHERE. And like with most things, I was a incredibly late to the party, but it didn’t stop me from trying to seek out the ‘perfect pair’

I stumbled upon anita and green when I popped into a showroom and saw a rack full of anita and green goodies. Suffice to say, out of all the brands that were there, I pretty much fell in love with them, as I saw the embroidered jeans of my dreams, behind them were several hangers full of other wonderful pieces, particularly this bomber varsity style long coat.

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I love varsity bomber style jackets but they are really difficult to wear. Some days I think I can definitely rock them and whack on a pair of converse and jeans and am good to go, but other days, I don’t know, they feel a little.. overdone? Underwhelming? When I grabbed this jacket off the hanger I had all of these visions of being able to rock something a little sporty but with a bit of an edge.

That is why I’ve popped on a pair of metallic silver brogues (still so in love with theses bad boys!) and a pair of ripped jeans and a leather cap. It feels like I’m embodying everything about the chilled out sports look vibe, but with a hint of luxe. I feel like this jacket really is everything and changes the game completely.

Have you heard of anita and green before and more importantly, which pieces is your favourite?

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