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Saving with Shoptagr

These days, I shop online for everything. I find myself constantly ordering the most basic things, from headphones, chargers, to kitchen utensils. I can’t help but be a bit of a victim to online shopping because it’s just SO EASY. Everything is shoppable. Theres even these new gadgets called ‘dash’ buttons, which you can pop next to your toilet roll or fabric conditioner and as soon as you realise you’ve run out, you can literally click the button to order for next day delivery. Online shopping has become pretty standard in my life, and of course working as a fashion blogger, it’s only right that I buy all of my clothes online as well. Shoptagr got in touch to see if I wanted to try out their website and share if I thought it would be something that you guys would be interested in. I receive emails like this quite a lot, and so I was pretty hesitant. But alas, the online shopping gods have spoken, and to me, if you are someone that buys everything online, particularly clothes, this is definitely going to be something you want to bookmark.

The website allows you to add its shoptagr button so that whenever you click on a desired item, you can click the button and it immediately adds the item to your list of favourites. 


It even allows you to view an alphabetical list of all the websites that support shoptagr, so that you know which sites to do your online shopping on.


Here are some of my recently saved favourites from missguided and asos.


Shoptagr is a website which lets you add items from some of the best clothing sites into a favourites list, and notifies you any changes which may happen to your favourite item. One of the coolest features of this is letting you know when an item going into a sale instantly. For me, I have so many different things I constantly want to buy (you can have a look over at my wishlist here) and yet it takes a lot of effort for me to keep on top of which items I genuinely want to follow through with buying. More than anything, I HATE when I buy something that goes into the sale a week after I have bought it. Shoptagr lets you know as soon as it happens, as well as other things such as if the item is low on stock (right down to the colour or size of whatever you have added into your favourites!) It lets you know when an items price drops (including relevant coupon codes!!) and also if the item you loved has come back into stock. With Black Friday and cyber Monday coming up, this is going to be an absolute life saver!

I absolutely love this missguided crepe bardot plunge maxi dress, and using the following drop down menu I can choose for shoptagr to notify me when the price changes, to ensure that I don’t miss out when it goes on sale. 


You can also share your lists with friends and family on Shoptagr, so when they’re buying for you, they can keep up to date live with the stock levels and if the item has been put into the sale, snagging the bargain for you for christmas in case you miss it!


They also have a really awesome app which is free (woo!) so you can save items to your watch list on the go while window-shopping!

This post is in collaboration with Shoptagr

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