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Mission Impeccable | Ted Baker

When Ted Baker got in touch with me to discuss a collaboration I’ll be the first to admit, I wasn’t completely sold. I had always imagined incredibly girly prints adorned over skater dresses with capped sleeves and oversized bows to tie the whole thing together. There isn’t anything wrong with that, of course. But I don’t think it’s necessarily me.

When the conversation moved over to shoes however, my opinion quickly shifted. I hadn’t really got an idea in my head of what ted baker shoes would actually look like. As I was sent over a lookbook to sift through I realised quite quickly that ted baker had some of the prettiest shoes, and with the collaboration being styling up ‘1 pair, in 3 ways’, I started wishing it has been ‘3 shoes, in 1 way’.. because I just couldn’t PICK!

blogshoes3 blogshoes1 blogshoes2

I decided on this gorgeous pair of brogues. I have started to really crave this style of shoe for a while now.

I’m not sure whether it’s the season that’s forced my affinity onto the lace up beauties or I’m just running out of shoes that I don’t actually own (60 pairs + pairs of shoes and counting!) but I saw the silver pair and oh boy, I fell in love!

x    x    x

I started with the easiest task of them all.. The everyday outfit.

tedredblog1 tedredblog2 tedredblog3 tedredblog5 tedredblog4

This is the kind of thing I wear when I pop into the city centre to run errands or I have an event or semi casual meeting to attend. The white trousers are probably the comfiest pair of trousers I own that aren’t joggers, and the white stripe crop is one of those things I have as a set staple inside my wardrobe. The coat.. ah.. the coat. This is something I picked up on my big shopping trip to Shanghai a few months ago and I absolutely LOVE IT. Bright coats are hard to style in an outfit.. but an all white ensemble means that the coat is the perfect pop of colour. And lastly? My new The Cambridge Satchel Company x Melissa bag. I don’t really need to explain why this bag is pure heaven except look. at. it.

x    x    x

The next idea to style the shoes up came whilst I was sat in my room looking through my insane collection of clothes and my eyes wandered over to my metallic bomber jacket that I have only ever worn once. The silver. The beauty. Oh my. I have to team them both together

That’s when the sassy silver outfit was born.

tedbomberblog4 tedbomberblog1 tedbomberblog3 tedbomberblog2 tedbomberblog5

Instantly I knew the jacket was a winner, and when I rummaged through my rails I found even more silver items to match the sassy jacket. The metallic skater dress from oh my love was worn a few years back for London fashion week. I loved it then and I love it now! As I popped my most worn backpack at the moment onto my back, I realised how preppy the outfit was becoming, so I knew that tieing my hair into a half updo a la ariana grande and popping my snazzy silvery glittery socks on was essential.

x    x    x

Because the brogues are silver, it’s easy to see that they can be dressed up. I am a sucker for a headpiece and I knew that teaming a fancy outfit with the shoes would tone it down slightly, so the next outfit was born.

The ‘I’m a fairy princes in the woods’ outfit.



I absolutely love love love tutu midi skirts. If I could buy one in every colour I would, but I think for now I’m happy to settle for pink, nude and this gorgeous purple / lilac colour. Teamed with my embellished crop top from miss selfridge and one of my many headpieces, this is probably my favourite of the bunch!

Ted Bakers ‘Mission Impeccable’ campaign also includes their short film for AW16, which was executive produced by Guy Ritchie and is also shoppable – this means that you can click on anything you like if you fancy taking a snoop without having to leave the film!

This post is in collaboration with Ted Baker. All opinions are my own.

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