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Christmas Wrapping With M&S | Wrapping Guide

Around a month ago I was invited down to London to help wrap some gifts for a collaboration between M&S and Great Ormand Street Hospital. Blog events as a general view are pretty fun, but knowing that we were going to be wrapping gifts and showing off our skills, as well as doing something good, I could tell it was going to be a fun evening!

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As I walked into the room it felt like christmas had hit me in the fact. Decked out in the most beautiful christmas interiors you can possibly imagine, I popped my bags down and grabbed a drink as the guys at M&S talked about the collaboration. For a few years now, M&S have teamed up with GOSH as a way to give back to those who are having a hard time during this festive season. We were told that we were going to be wrapping gifts for not only the children who are being treated, but also the families who will be going through it with them. It hit me in a way that I hadn’t really thought about before.. GOSH treats children who need facilities not accessible to their local hospitals, so people from all over the country, Scotland, Northern Ireland etc, come down and are given accommodation and really just have to relocate to be their for their children during these hard times. For that reason, we were wrapping all sorts of gifts, from childrens toys to NEOM candles, and it was definitely a lovely feeling knowing that on christmas day there would be something for them to look forward to as a little surprise.

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After I spent the evening wrapping some gifts and learning a few tricks, M&S asked me to pick a few pieces from their website which were ‘unusually shaped’ and show you guys what I learnt on the night. I found this gorgeous ‘wonder’  decorative sign and knew it would be a nightmare to wrap, but also a great addition to give myself for christmas (wooo!). I grabbed a mug for my friend Gemma which I decided to cop out wrapping in the end and  the burts bees set for my sister looked like a frustrating item to wrap, but she is also a massive burts bees fans so.. win win!

I hope these tricks are useful to you in some way!

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The Christmas sack

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It’s relatively simple to follow this one, but it also takes quite a bit of improvising!

  • Pop the item in the middle of your wrapping paper, and lift up the opposing sides to form a triangle-like shape (pictured)
  • Sellotape each side to secure it, also wrapping up the bottom to form a sort of mishapen harry potter sorting hat
  • Make two slits into the top bit of the present and pop a thick ribbon through it to make the sack look a little more polished.
  • Make a bow shape and add a tag – voila!

The Christmas cracker

ms11 ms12 ms13 ms14 ms15 ms16

At the event we were taught to wrap cylinder shaped items like this and I LOVED it, so applied it to this wonder sign which I’m giving as a present.. to myself.. just because.

  • Grab your long shaped item onto a piece of wrapping paper. Wrap over a few times if it is flat (as pictured) and secure.
  • Make sure there is enough space on the opposing sides and grab it and scrunch it up
  • Grab some ribbon (preferably thick) and tie it round into a bow on each side
  • Pop a tag on and there you have it – a christmas cracker gift (without the joke/riddle and paper hat!)

The cop out (and easiest option!)

ms18 ms19 ms20 ms21 ms22

I don’t have a massive walk through for the last one, but it’s called a cop out for a reason! If you’re really struggling with an interestingly shaped object to wrap this christmas, you can always just grab a box and pop it inside to wrap up. Maybe add some pretty tissue paper and some glitter or feather etc to doll it up!


I hope that this had helped a few of you with ideas on how to wrap, and I must say, M&S have some of the most beeeeeautiful gift wrap selections of all of the places on the high street this season so I would 100% recommend checking them out!

This post was in collaboration with M&S


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