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Black on black (on black)

Now that the colder months are here, I’ve been looking back at some of the outfits I wore earlier in the year and have been yearning for the summer already (I know, winter has only just start, but let a girl dream!) this outfit is probably not the most weather appropriate, but I wanted to share a few of the outfits that I shot a little bit ago and never got around to publishing!


Photos by Marlen @ Paperboats

As long time readers of this blog, you will know that Fedoras are my *thing*! This outfit is probably the epitome of what I really love wearing, from the mix of leather, a cheeky bralet, a girly-ish skirt and then of course, my much loved Dr Martens.. I don’t think there really is a thing as too much black!

I shot this in collaboration with MTV quite a while ago and it was a really fun shoot with one of my fave photographer babes Marlen, it’s always a priviledge for me to work with this girl, so check her out if you fancy a nosey at some editorial masterpieces!

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