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Autumn Nails | With Sally Hansen

When it comes to looking after my nails, I’m not very good at keeping on top of it. Most days I find myself not reaching for a polish at all, and sticking with bare nails due to laziness. I hate applying it, I hate waiting for it, I struggle to find colours that I really really love, and most of all, I hate how awful the condition of my nails are after I’ve done it.

So, when nail experts Sally Hansen got in touch, I was excited by the prospect of being able to work with a brand that offers solutions for every nail problem. Painting my nails but not wrecking them in the process? check. Amazing colours to choose from? check.

Check out the Sally Hansen range here: https://goo.gl/uxaEhd

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  • Pop the cuticle rehab treatment on the nails before applying your nail colour of choice
  • Apply the colour to your nails with an even coat, two coats give the nail the most vibrant and strong colour
  • Finish off with the Miracle Gel Top Coat –  and voila!

I found that applying the polish was much easier than most of the ones I have tried due to the thickness of the brush. Rather than having to constantly get into the nooks and crannies of a nail, one swipe usually does the trick and coats an even thick layer onto the nail. The miracle gel topcoat is a dream to work with, transforming the polish into looking as if it were done by professionals.

The application process is quick, easy and the end result is near enough what you get from a salon. The polish is also easy to remove with a quick swipe of standard nail polish remover.

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The second colour I decided to go for from their autumn collection is this beautiful shade in purple (480 Wine Stock).  The colour compliments an autumnal backdrop so well, with the deep purple seemingly changing in the sunlight, it really is a staple in my autumn nail polish collection. The amount of compliments I have recieved on this colour is insane, and my sister has already pinched it from me as she can’t resist applying it again and again.

An issue that i usually have with nail polish (and due to my laziness) is that its so easily chipped. With a dark colour like this it’s so much more noticeable that if you applied a light pink or neutral colour. Thankfully with the topcoat and a strong formula for all th colours in the range I have avoided and chipping mishaps, and am pleased to say that the polish has stayed put for a week in total and still looks like I have just walked out of a salon!

There are over 40 different nail colours to choose from, but I have to say that this deep red (440 Dig Fig) and purple (480 Wine Stock) are my favourite for this season.

For more inspiration head over to Sally Hansens Youtube Channel for tutorials on the seasons latest nail art trends.

Nail polish: £9.99 Gel top coat: £9.99

This post is in collaboration with Sally Hansen

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