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My Favorite Unisex Beauty Products

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Beckam is obsessed with lotion. He loves to run around with a bottle of it and squirt it at people!

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Lubriderm lotion was my Grandma’s favorite lotion. She would always give everyone a foot rub before bed using their lotion- when we were growing up – it was like her way to give back to the family. My cousin and I learned from her and when we were little we would go around offering 15 minute massages for 10 cents haha. She’s gotten too old to give foot massages anymore so now we give them to her. It’s funny how childhood memories like that can get you so attached to something but it’s so true!

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No matter how big your bathroom is, I feel like you will never have enough bathroom space. Even before I met Cody I collected more products than I had space for, and that was before adding guys’ products to the mix. I’m always a sucker for trying new beauty products along with stocking up on my tried-and-true favorites so I’ve even ended up moving some of the products I don’t use that often into the guest bathroom.  Half of coupled Americans say they don’t have enough shelf space for their personal belongings so below are a few of our favorite unisex products to share to solve the battle of the medicine cabinet.

  1. Deodorant: Ok this one might just be me, but I have no problem using Cody’s deodorant! I actually find sometimes it works better than mine! You can also stock up on a more unisex scent to save on bathroom storage space, but I also don’t mind going for a men’s scent.
  2. Gender neutral scents: I love my girly floral perfume options, but I also love a little musk every once in a while! There are some amazing gender neutral fragrances and when you are both sharing it’s sure to get a lot of use.
  3. Face masks and skin serums: Every once in a while I can catch Cody in the mood to do a face mask with me. They are perfect for a little bit of pampering! The hydrating and brightening masks from Ski ii are always great for a his & hers night in and we also share some of my favorite skin serums I use at night.This one is amazing.
  4. Lotion: Nothing is drier than Utah in the fall and winter. The desert dries out all moisture from your skin so you really can’t miss a day of applying lotion or your skin will literally start to crack, especially as it gets colder. Lotion is one of the best unisex products you can get away with sharing – I grew up with this one so it’s always been a favorite. Cody and I love to give each other foot rubs while we binge watch our favorite shows.I also love this soft scent of the Lubriderm Daily Moisturizer because I get headaches really easily from strong smelling lotions so I love how neutral this is!

XX, Christine

*In collaboration with Lubriderm.

source: Hello Fashion http://ift.tt/2cWI0RF
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