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7 Bedtime Habits To Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

There’s nothing better than waking up and feeling beautiful for the day. Although I look forward to a few quiet moments at night, sometimes it’s really hard to unwind. It feels like there are never enough hours in the day and even fewer hours to spend on yourself. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE my kids so much – but somedays I really look forward to an extra ten minutes of quiet. Anyone else? 😉

Although the perfect night would involve all of the below (maybe including a long foot massage from my hubs ;), I definitely don’t get the luxury. But these are my favorite ways to unwind after a long day, and all beneficial to a healthier night’s sleep!

1. Take off your makeup: Sleeping in a face full of makeup won’t leave you feeling beautiful – if anything it will have the opposite effect! Leaving your makeup on all night ages your skin, makes you more prone to breakouts, and the list goes on and on. Always use a good makeup remover – and don’t skip your eye makeup! This one from Vichy (under $15) hydrates, soothes, and strengthens the skin with its 15 mineral-rich water essential for skin health. It also has natural ingredients so it’s really gentle on my sensitive skin.




2. Read a book before bed: Trade in your remote for some reading. Lit screens are proven to stimulate the brain so catch up on your IG feed in the morning and grab a book instead. You’ll get a better night’s rest and wake up without those annoying bags under your eyes from lack of sleep.



3. Make the most of bed head: Add some volume powder to your nightly routine for some serious volume in the morning. Just apply to your scalp and let your tossing and turning do the rest.

4. Your favorite pair of pajamas: I’m all about stealing Cody’s sweats and tee for bed, but I LOOOOVVVE picking out new pajamas! And somehow the bed feels extra cozy when you’re in your new favorite sweats!


5. Soak: Taking a warm bath right a couple hours before bed is the perfect recipe for a good night’s rest. Once you get out of the warm bath your body temperature will drop back to normal and will start producing melatonin which makes you tired. Baths are like a luxury these days, but once the kids are in bed it’s a little easier to find a moment to myself so I love taking a few extra minutes to soak in the tub. (Even better? Take an extra 2 minutes to shave your legs and you will wake up feeling like you can conquer the world haha. Sad but a little true! 😉


You guys have seen this on my snapchat a couple times. This is hands down my favorite eye and make up remover!!


6. Fresh Flowers and Plants: I am such a flower person! I look forward to my weekly trip to the store to pick up new blooms. It’s actually proven to be beneficial to your health as well! Being around fresh plants and flowers helps you concentrate better, improves your mood, decreases stress, and increases your attention span.

7. Moisturize: No matter how dry your climate (hello, Utah desert!) you should always, always moisturize before bed. A good moisturizing routine will help you repair damage your skin undergoes during the day. I love the feeling of my skin right after I apply moisturizer so I’m obsessed with this French skincare regimen by Vichy. I actually recently found out that Europe is the only place that doesn’t approve beauty products until it is proven to be beneficial for your skin (vs. the US where it’s “innocent until proven guilty”!) so I am all about European skin care products. You use the Thermal Spa Water as a prep step to fortify the skin and then apply the Vichy Aqualia Range which locks in water for 48 hours. I woke up feeling like I had just applied my moisturizer that morning, it felt so fresh and hydrated.

You can get 20% off on all products at vichyusa.com now through October 31st and free shipping with code: SAVE20FS.

XX, Christine

source: Hello Fashion http://ift.tt/2cXHpoD
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