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5 Fun Ways to Get Fit



nike fitness
cute gym shorts

obsessed with these shorts (under $50)! I just ordered them in black and pink too!




I have always been a Nike girl – not just my obvious sneaker obsession (just got this pair) but their workout clothes are always so cute. I’m obsessed with these shorts I just ordered them in the black and this red/pink color.

Lately in full honesty it’s been really hard for me to get to the gym. So I’ve been trying to do more active things outside of the gym to stay active. There are so many fun things you can do with you S/O, friends, or the kids to get you in the habit of breaking a sweat to either work your way up to those regular gym routines or pair with it.

  1. The Trampoline Park: This is one of the kids’ favorite destinations but it’s actually so much fun for adults too! Cody is a ninja he can do all sorts of tricks and flips and I’ll just hop a long like a bunny, but you can totally feel your heartbeat pick up and they have some fun obstacle courses too for arm and leg work outs.
  2. Hike: We have really been on an outdoor kick lately. We are lucky to have so many amazing hikes to choose from here in Utah. Even if you don’t have anything nearby, you can make a weekend of it and head to the nearest mountains – it will definitely be worth it!
  3. Hit the water: There are so many great water sport workouts that you can make a family day out of, like paddle-boarding, kayaking, rafting or even just swimming.
  4. Rock climbing: This used to be one of my one favorite things when I was little! You will be sore for days! Whether it’s indoors or out, rock-climbing is one of the best (or worst, depending on how you look at it 😉 work-outs (especially for upper body) plus it’s so fun to test yourself and see how high you can get.
  5. Try something new: Whether it’s your first time doing yoga, taking a dance class, or learning that sport you always wished you played, it’s never to late to add something new to your list of hobbies, especially if it’s something that will get you moving.

XX, Christine

source: Hello Fashion http://ift.tt/2916quz
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