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Rewind and Refresh

The somewhat extempore trip that I took to Thailand with my sister turned out to be the trip of a lifetime. Time to reflect, unwind and try to teach myself what it really means to relax, why has it become rocket science lately? Although I am in a extremely happy place, I’ve been living with that ‘I am too tired to fall asleep’ feeling for while. I guess it’s learning to identify the difference between being emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted.

I spoke a lot about changes and new beginnings in my previous post. These are evolvements that I am planning to apply to not only to my inner self, but to 5 inch and up as well. Soon I’ll be able to introduce you to a all new, better site design, where I (among a lot of things) will be talking about new and innovative designers in a more frequent manner. So on my life changing trip, I packed a dress by Kalita, who is specifically making dresses that translates to the perfect travel pieces, maxi dresses in general are ideal for lazy holiday dressers, which we are all allowed to be on our getaways. The earrings are surprisingly enough aren’t from a local market, but by Katerina Makriyianni. The designer who has recently been snapped up by Net-a-porter was giving me major boho wanderlust before I even knew I was taking a trip, a good dodge in the direction to be a bit more creative with the holiday accessory choices.

source: 5 inch and up http://ift.tt/1sLMzXs
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