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Fashion and style

Fashion and style


Posted: 17 Apr 2016 11:18 AM PDT

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                                                                                          sandals: zara
                                                                                          jeans: zara
                                                                                          top: h&m
                                                                                          kimono: zara
                                                                                          bag: zara
                                                                                          watch: michael kors
                                                                                          necklace: tiny mine jewelry
                                                                                          sunglasses: ray ban
                                                                                          ph. Masa

If you are following me on snapchat (vanjamilicevic) you could easily see that I literally live in kimonos lately. I mix them with different type of jeans, dresses, tops, almost with everything. And you can't blame me cause they are adorable! So be prepared, cause I will wear them a lot!

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